Ben David Trigg

Pursuing depth and wonder in worship, songwriting and faith

Ben David Trigg is a songwriter, artist and worship leader based in London, UK. He has written a number of songs that are used in churches around the UK as well as being translated and used overseas. Among these is his co-write with Graham Kendrick ‘Holy Overshadowing‘ which is sung worldwide and has gone on to be recorded a number of times by Graham and other artists as well as, first of all, by Ben himself on his Invitation EP. He has released a second EP, Where I Am Free, and a full-length studio album Spring Rain which was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018.

Ben's new single for October 2020 'You Are The Way' is the first in a string of a few that will be released into 2021 See the Music page for ways to buy and listen!