Spring Rain

As I write, the skies are beginning to rumble. May is drawing to a close, and Summer is breaking upon us with thundery conditions expected over the next few days. But you didn’t come here for a weather report – unless you’re interested in more than just what the meteorologists have to say. In other … More Spring Rain

The Santa Myth

I don’t remember when I stopped believing in Santa Claus. In fact, I don’t remember when I ever believed. I think if I did, the penny had already dropped by the time I was maybe 7 years old and my Grandad came beaming into the room one Yuletide wearing a red dressing gown stuffed with … More The Santa Myth

Who Is Charles Wesley?

I remember having a hard time explaining to Joe Blanchard who Charles Wesley was. I met Joe at the Christian Union but he went to a different church on Sundays. “He wrote hymns,” I started. “Hymns?” “Yeah. Old worship songs!” “Oh right! Like ‘How Great Is Our God’?” “Um, no, not that one.” “Oh right. … More Who Is Charles Wesley?

Redefining Marriage and the Government Sham

Today the Coalition for Marriage posted a blog in which it revealed the shambolic nature of the Government’s supposed ‘listening exercise’ in making its decisions about the proposed changes to marriage laws. It’s worth reading. I post it here again in an attempt to increase awareness of the huge bias on the part of the … More Redefining Marriage and the Government Sham

Leonard Verduin writing about the Cross

I posted a little while back commenting on Leonard Verduin’s treatment of the case of Michael Servetus in whose death John Calvin seems to have played some kind of significant part. Well, I’m still reading that book (The Reformers and Their Stepchildren). My incessant bad habit is starting books before I’ve finished. This begins to … More Leonard Verduin writing about the Cross