Don’t Rush Me

Let me tell you about my son. My son who wouldn’t put his coat on outside even though it was minus 3 celsius this morning. (Eventually I managed to persuade him to be carried so that I could keep him vaguely warm with my body heat.) My son who had to be carried from the … More Don’t Rush Me

‘Crucified with Christ’ – what the cross meant for Paul (Galatians 2:20)

Singing of salvation In contemporary worship, we’re very used to singing about the cross. It’s no surprise that of the Top 100 songs sung in churches today, many of them feature or focus on the cross as God’s work of salvation for us. ‘In Christ Alone’, ‘Cornerstone’, ‘How Great Thou Art’, ‘What A Beautiful Name’, … More ‘Crucified with Christ’ – what the cross meant for Paul (Galatians 2:20)

Nothing to write

I have nothing to write. It’s a bit like being stuck at a railway station when your train is cancelled. You’re used to jumping on an idea and riding the bumpy journey until you get off – or are thrown off – at a random narrative juncture. Instead your muse didn’t show up today, now … More Nothing to write

True Worth

(Written in October 2021) My legs are aching. My legs are aching from climbing 169 steps today up the lighthouse at Dungenness in Kent. My legs are aching from climbing up and then, as if dealing with the vertigo of climbing up the spiral around the widening gulf of empty space beneath us to a … More True Worth

Rhythm and Creation

And there was evening, and there was morning. The first day. From the opening passages of the Bible, with the account of the creation of the cosmos, immediately we hear the rhythm of the story. The rhythmic undulations of the poetry of the passage may be lost to us in translation, but a rhythm more … More Rhythm and Creation

Guts and Glory

We just bought a new house. I know, hooray! Right now it’s empty because we have a ‘grace window’ in which to get some works done before we move in, which is great, but we find ourselves with the impossible task of knowing how to juggle which jobs have to get done, with looking after … More Guts and Glory