A society broken

If you live in the UK, you won’t need to be told that over the last few days some crazy riots have been breaking out first in London and then spreading like wildfire across the nation. This bizarre phenomenon, to helpless morally-centered social analysts like me (that’s a rather grand title), is indicative of an … More A society broken

When democracy isn’t exactly that. [Tuition Fees.]

I mean come on. I was listening to Moral Maze on Radio 4 the other night when driving home late. They were discussing ‘nudging’ – whereby the government use recognised, surreptitious practices to ‘nudge’ the thinking of the public in one direction or another. There were arguments for and against, and much of it explicity … More When democracy isn’t exactly that. [Tuition Fees.]

Word and Spirit

There is a prophecy attributed to Smith Wigglesworth which he purportedly gave near the end of his life, wherein he expressed that when the Word and the Spirit come together, there would be an unprecedented move of God which would bring us into a significant new phase of the end times. Some have made it … More Word and Spirit

Breaking out of the spiralling vortex of capitalism

One of my most recent and sustained developing interests has been in the area of economics. More and more I have found issues in this realm to thoroughly occupy my mind, especially when it comes to addressing the needs of the poor. From a Christian perspective this no doubt takes a slightly different route than … More Breaking out of the spiralling vortex of capitalism