A Child Is Born



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The night is clear, the light of stars sings in the air
They have drawn us here tonight
To a home, a humble place, where cattle hide
To a gentle candle-light

Come inside, all are welcome in this place
Shepherds, travellers and kings
See the child cradled in his mother’s arms
Hear the ancient words she sings

A child is born
And his name is Prince of Peace
A son is given
And his reign shall never cease

Hear his name, this is Jesus, God-with-us
He will take away our fears
This is he whom the prophets long foretold
And the hope of all the years

So come and bow, bring an offering to him
Who became so weak and small
For this child, by the promises of God
Is the Saviour of us all

A child is born . . .

So tell the world, bring the tidings of great joy
Peace to all who live on earth
Sing his praise, glory be to God on high
Celebrate our Saviour’s birth

Ben Trigg © 2015 bendavidtrigg.com – CCLI no. 7123623