Communion Song

I wrote this song following a challenge by Resound Worship to their 12 Song Challenge community in 2020 to write a song about Communion. I wasn’t part of the challenge at the time; nevertheless I thought I fancied giving it a go. I knew the challenge: there are plenty of good songs already out there about the Lord’s table; what do I think I can add? To my surprise, this song emerged quite quickly, taking me deeper into the event of the first communion service than I had expected to go. I found myself looking in on the upper room; telescoping back to the Passover meal that Jesus and his disciples were celebrating, and which signified so much of what Jesus was doing in giving his life; and zooming forwards on until the end ‘until he comes again’ – and putting together everything I could possibly cram into a song about what this simple meal means for us. It was a profound experience to take a deeper look in this way; a longer song than might typically be sung for a communion service, but perhaps in this case that’s allowable. From Passover, to Passion, to Paraousia. It’s a big story. Hopefully this song helps to tell that story.


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On the night he was betrayed 
As shadows gathered in 
Jesus took the bread, gave thanks 
On the night he was betrayed 
Faithful he remained 
Full and perfect love to the end 

Take the bread, this is his body 
Take the wine, this is his blood 
God’s own life given in place of us 
Given to ransom us 
Love has welcomed us 
Share his life 

Sacred signs, a table laid 
Ancient memories replayed 
Deliverance from death and fear 
Keep us from the dark of night 
O cast out the dark within 
Lord we pray, forgive our sin 

Take the bread, this is his body 
Take the wine, this is his blood 
God’s own life, forgiveness and mercy 
Freedom from slavery 
This is his victory 
Share his life 

This is his covenant 
This our remembrance 
Until he comes again 
We will remember him 
Beaten and crucified 
Buried then raised to life 
Ascended and glorified 
Crown him the Lord of life 

Take the bread, this is his body
Take the wine, this is his blood

Copyright © Ben Trigg (2020) Eagle Heights Music (Admin Song Solutions
Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved