Spirit of the Living God (Comforter and Counsellor)

This song has at its heart that simple and familiar prayer ‘Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on us’. It developed first from a reflection on the Spirit as comforter, the gentle dove, God’s breath of love gently warming the heart, his comforting presence. But I knew too as I wrote that verse that the Spirit also comes as a fire of love, reigniting the church, setting us on fire for the world. These formed the two verses of the song. The bridge emerged from what was originally the chorus, further reflecting on the Spirit as ‘Father’s promise, in his pleasure, given for us without measure; heaven’s foretaste, richest treasured, God’s own presence without measure’. What a gift! What life! Oh how we need it! Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us!


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Comforter and counsellor
Spirit of the living God
Gentle dove, o breath of love
Breathe upon our hearts
For the aching and the hurting
You’re the healing, you’re the peace

Spirit of the living God
Fall afresh, fall afresh
Spirit of the living God
Fall afresh on us

Mighty rushing wind of God
Heaven-sent to shake the earth
All-consuming flame of love
Reignite your church
For the lost and for the lonely
For the nations of the world

Spirit of the living God . . .

Father’s promise, in his pleasure
Given for us without measure
Heaven’s foretaste, richest treasure
God’s own presence without measure

Spirit of the living God . . .

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