Still Small Voice

This song is inspired by the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19, exploring what might have been his feelings and experiences as he stood isolated at Horeb. It also came about because someone told me that I should write a song about the ‘still small voice’!



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Waiting on this mountaintop
Waiting here to meet you, God
Where I’ve run in my own strength
Come undone and reached the end
Now I wait

Through the fire that rages on
Through the shaking and the storm
Where the air is burnt with fear
Lord of mercy, are you near?
Here I wait

Still small voice, speak to me
Breath of God, breathe on me
Living word, live in me

Though the trials of life press in
Strife without and fears within
Still my soul finds rest in God
In the quiet of his love
I will wait
Here I wait

Still small voice . . .

Here I wait for you
Open wide to you
I believe in you

Still small voice . . .

Copyright © Ben Trigg (2017) Eagle Heights Music (Admin Song Solutions Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved – CCLI no. 7123622