When Healing Hands Were Wounded

Sheet Music

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When healing hands were wounded
A faithful man betrayed
When arms of love stretched wide we turned away
A carpenter was nailed
Upon a wooden cross
And on a hill was high and lifted up
High and lifted up

A window on the bloodshed
That soaks our history
Our hatred vented on humanity
Our sin against the holy
Displayed for all to see
We left him cursed and hanging on a tree

High and lifted up
High and lifted up
See our God
High and lifted up

When healing hands were wounded
All our wounds were healed
For he himself has carried every ill
Has entered all our suffering
And borne away the pain
His life laid down that we may live again

Forgiven for our bloodshed
Delivered from the curse
Behold what grace so free, so undeserved
A window on a new world
Where love and mercy reign
And all our grief and sin is washed away

Ben Trigg © 2018 bendavidtrigg.com – CCLI no. 7108637