You Are The Way

‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ (John 14:6)

One of Jesus’ most famous sayings. This song is a simple reflection and response on these words. The three verses reflect on each part in turn (way, truth, life), with the chorus (and bridge) turning to response (You are the way, and I will go . . . ).



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What a beautiful way
The way of peace, the way of hope,
The way of faithfulness
Jesus, you are the way
Your life, your words,
Your deeds all leading us to God

You are the way, and I will go
You are the truth my heart can know
You are the life I’ve died to live
Jesus, my life to you I give

What a powerful truth
That I am known, that I am loved,
That I’m a child of God
Jesus, you are the truth
That breaks the lie, renews our mind
And sets us free

You are the way . . .

Heart and soul, in view of your mercy
My life, my all, because you are worthy
To have it all, for what else can I give
To the one who gave his all?

What a beautiful life
A life of love from first to last
And even on the cross
Jesus, you are the life
You broke the chains of death
And raised us up with you

You are the way . . .

Heart and soul . . .

Copyright © Ben Trigg (2019) Eagle Heights Music (Admin Song Solutions Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved – CCLI no. 5855616