Nothing (A poem)

Isn’t it quite something That something came from nothing? That nothing could do something To make it all appear! But let me tell you something: Nothing can do nothing! We all have come from something – Ain’t that a quaint idea? So lay the heavy burden Of proof upon the person Who in some strange … More Nothing (A poem)

Stop Taking the Pistis

For a while now, the camping ground of the popular, vocal ‘new atheists’ and their followers has been the idea that ‘religious people’ (which covers an almost impossibly broad spectrum of people around the world throughout history) are universally stupid, because they have ‘faith’. This of course means that the new atheists (the blessed clever … More Stop Taking the Pistis

Howard Jacobson (and me) on Creation, New Atheism, and the Bible

Howard takes a turn Not quite entering head-on into the fray of heated altercations taking place between the Dawkinsians and Creationists, Howard Jacobson tonight on Channel 4 here in the UK offered a view of the creation account of Genesis 1 which enjoys the poetry and even the ‘theology’ of the passage (theology not in … More Howard Jacobson (and me) on Creation, New Atheism, and the Bible