I have been interested in Christian pacifism for quite some time. Jumped on board when I first heard about it, actually. The idea that Christians should be committed to a non-violent way of life because Jesus was non-violent was, and still is, a no-brainer. I suppose what I mean is that I was already a … More Pacifism…s

Redefining Marriage and the Government Sham

Today the Coalition for Marriage posted a blog in which it revealed the shambolic nature of the Government’s supposed ‘listening exercise’ in making its decisions about the proposed changes to marriage laws. It’s worth reading. I post it here again in an attempt to increase awareness of the huge bias on the part of the … More Redefining Marriage and the Government Sham

A society broken

If you live in the UK, you won’t need to be told that over the last few days some crazy riots have been breaking out first in London and then spreading like wildfire across the nation. This bizarre phenomenon, to helpless morally-centered social analysts like me (that’s a rather grand title), is indicative of an … More A society broken