Post #99

I feel like I should say something special to commemorate post no. 99. (Not post no. 100 – that would be too clichéd) But those who know me will know I’m not usually the type who says something just for the sake of it. So what can I say? Only what’s on my mind at … More Post #99

The Lord’s Prayer

Okay so this is a second post to mention my new song which you can listen to here – sorry about that. It’s just that it’s based on the Lord’s prayer, and I’ve since realised that (among many things that are profound and wonderful about the Lord’s prayer), it really encapsulates everything that we have … More The Lord’s Prayer

Prayer Waves 3: Prayer Provides Power

James, the brother of Jesus, once wrote: ‘the prayer of a righteous man avails much’ (James 5:16). This slightly obscure phrase (not actually helped much by the alternative ‘accomplishes much’) has in many translations hidden the Greek word ‘dunamis’ which is present in the original text. This word which you would be right to think … More Prayer Waves 3: Prayer Provides Power