What Became of Cylandria, a short story – Part 2

[Read Part 1 here] Sophia took me out for drinks and backgammon one evening shortly before her stint with me came to an end just under a year ago. “We have had another letter from the Centre of Scientific Enquiry,” she began, raising her eyebrows. (She said ‘of’ but I knew she meant ‘for’; her … More What Became of Cylandria, a short story – Part 2

Fully Known – A reflection on dementia in the age of knowledge

My Nan and dementia Late last year, my Nan passed away. She was the last of my grandparents to go. First, her husband some 12 years previous, who was taken rather suddenly with pneumonia. Over the ensuing years my maternal grandparents both went by heart attack – my Grandad on the golf course; my Gran … More Fully Known – A reflection on dementia in the age of knowledge


I have been interested in Christian pacifism for quite some time. Jumped on board when I first heard about it, actually. The idea that Christians should be committed to a non-violent way of life because Jesus was non-violent was, and still is, a no-brainer. I suppose what I mean is that I was already a … More Pacifism…s

Theology and Poetry

Poetry has always been the means by which human beings have creatively expressed that which is outside ordinary everyday speech. ‘Poetry’ in this sense encompasses poetry as we know it, but also plays, songs, and even some forms of prose; anything which seeks to use metaphors and similes, symbolism and imagery, hyperbole, creative contrast, rhyme, … More Theology and Poetry

The Trinity

This week Melvyn Bragg’s show on BBC Radio 4 In Our Time discussed The Trinity. If you’re anything like me and you enjoy a bit of history and theology, this is one not to miss. It offers a great historical introduction to the topic but advances quite far (as far as it can in 45 minutes) down … More The Trinity