Attack on family in the UK

Just wanted to register something of my opinion of what is going on in the UK right now in terms of a disintegration of family and family values. It’s obviously not a new thing, but the situation is the same as it has been for decades and is getting worse.

Part of the issue right now is the attack on fatherhood. In a loony case which is currently going through government, along with the embryology bill (for which the government are telling MPs they cannot vote with their conscience , which is pretty much tyrrany), there is a motion to remove the need for the name of a Father on birth certificates. Making divorce (if it becomes an issue) easier on the conscience. Meaning that lesbian couples can adopt with no third-party name on the certificate necessary.

Apparently the two teenagers arrested for the murder of Damilola Taylor both grew up in fatherless homes. That has to say something to us. Lack of discipline and fatherly role-modelling hugely affects children. How can they not look up to those they grow up with? If they have no father to discipline them and to act as role model, their primary influence comes from the movies, TV and video games which are riddled with violence. To say what we watch doesn’t affect our behaviour and attitude is stupid. Stay indoors all day and watch depressing movies and try to feel positive at the end of it.

I don’t know what the government is up to with this embryology bill and the appended issues…I mean I know what they’re doing but I don’t know why they are doing it…but I sure don’t like it.

For more info, and to petition against this motion to allow free votes on the ‘human fertilisation and embryology bill’, see

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