Small means big

I was watching a movie at someone’s house, well it was kind of on in the background: Horton Hears a Who, based on the story by Dr. Zeuss. And the fundamental problem for Horton, as he expresses it in one early explanatory scene, is if there is life on this tiny bud on a little flower (can’t remember which flower) – which is indeed the case, a whole colony exists of the ‘Whos’ in ‘Whoville’ – then how do we not know that there is life outside of us in turn watching down on us?


Does the fact that there is something smaller than us in turn perhaps indicate that there might be something – or someone – bigger than us?

This might be ludicrous if taken to the nth degree, how far could you go either way? Yet in science we do see a finite universe, finite existence, boundaries and rules. So logically there ought to be an origin, someone at the very top from where it all started. I just wonder if the small things in life are meant to point to the bigger one, are bait to help us think introvertedly.

Incidentally I like to think of the birth of Jesus in this way. The entrance of God into this world was heralded and proclaimed by angels, and yet He appeared first as a baby. I think this significantly helps us to think in this kind of way.

Just a thought. Maybe I’ll come back to it.

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