Help make my new album happen!

I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign!

Until 21 September, you have the opportunity to help me reach a funding goal of £2,500 to produce an album of fresh songs handcrafted for personal and corporate worship.

If the funding goal isn’t reached, however, the hard work I’ve already been putting into writing and recording the songs will come to nothing – at least, not until such a time as I have the money kicking around to pay a designer, a mastering engineer, and a CD replication company. Which is unlikely to be for a long time!

I’d love you to consider supporting me in this venture – and pledges can start at just £10 for a digital download of the album. For all the information and ways to pledge, click the button below. I’d love your support!

Find out more and make a pledge

I’ll be posting more details about the recording process and the songs that are included as the weeks go by – you can stay tuned via Twitter or by an occasional email to hear the latest news.

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