Sending out the invites to God’s wedding feast

So, it happens frequently, as it should with anyone who loves God and reads His Word, that you’re sat there reading something you’ve read perhaps many times before in the Bible, and you are suddenly struck by something that never hit you before. I’m going to attempt to stay away from tautology on this blog … More Sending out the invites to God’s wedding feast

Word and Spirit

There is a prophecy attributed to Smith Wigglesworth which he purportedly gave near the end of his life, wherein he expressed that when the Word and the Spirit come together, there would be an unprecedented move of God which would bring us into a significant new phase of the end times. Some have made it … More Word and Spirit

Consumed by zeal

When Jesus did His first temple protest early on in His ministry as recorded in John’s Gospel, the disciples it says remembered a Scripture which says “zeal for Your house has eaten me up.” Well in ‘proper’ language it says “consumed” which isn’t bad but I like “eaten me up” because I like to think … More Consumed by zeal