Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father we gather today
Drawn by the work of Your Spirit and grace
Meet with us now as we come in the name of Your Son

Bind us together as one in the Lord
Making our hearts as a strong woven cord
Meet every holy agreement with power from on high

This is our prayer
And we know that You hear
So we give thanks
As we lift up our hands
This is our prayer

Lord we are Yours through the body and blood
Joined as one people, one priesthood of God
Seeking the reign of Your kingdom through prayer and through praise

And when the enemy comes like a flood
Raise up a standard, o Spirit of God
Come, great Redeemer, for those who believe in Your name


This is our prayer (echo)
We cry to You (echo)

Your kingdom come (echo)
Your will be done (echo)

And we receive (echo)
All that You give (echo)

Until He appears
As Your Spirit works here
And as we go on
Till the work has been done
This is our prayer

© Ben Trigg 2013

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