More Than Conquerors

Based on the wonderful words found at the end of Romans 8, this song attempts to do justice to that beautiful and profound passage.




Neither height nor depth
Neither life nor death
No created thing
Could take away His love
Neither here and now
Nor the things to come
Could separate us from the love of God
In Jesus Christ

If God is for us
Who stands against us?
See in His great love
He sent His Son
If He so loves us
Does not condemn us
Will He not freely
Give us all things?


Now the accuser
Cannot answer
For Jesus died and
Justified me
He rose again and
Sat down on God’s throne
And intercedes at
Father’s right hand


We were counted
Sheep for slaughter
For His sake
Put to death all day long
And there are troubles
There will be trials
But in His strength
We will stand to the end

For in all these things (echo)
And in everything (echo)
We will gladly say (echo)
(Together) We are more than conquerors


© Ben Trigg 2013 Eagle Heights Music (Admin. by Song Solutions CCLI: 7009850

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