Welcome…iBlog now

After a spot of dithering about my old website (www.godislove.org.uk) I have decidedly decided to switch tac and engage in the world of blogging. Crikey, I sound like an old man. Well, here it is. I have a passion for lots of things…Jesus being the capstone of it all really. But I am feeling issues on family, poverty and possibly even politics brewing…hardly common features in the blogging world I think 😉 But this is a place for me to just be able to register my view for dispute and controversy…and maybe some agreement somewhere.

To come immediately: a spot of talk on my first trip to Asia, from which I returned a week ago, and the impact the trip had on me.

I hope that whoever reads this blog enjoys it, is blessed by it, is provoked by it, etc. Let’s go.

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