Healing testimonies

VERY EXCITED about what the Lord has been doing! We’ve had a whole bunch of people from our church who have been to Lakeland in Florida where there is an incredible outpouring of the Spirit, and they’re seriously carrying something back!

Chris Orange especially, our worship leader and my mentor, he walked into Tescos and felt the fire of God on his hand and mouth, and prayed for a lady there whose back was hurting, when he laid hands and prayed she was instantly healed! And just this Thursday gone we saw 9 ppl saved. One of them was a policeman off duty because he was in pain in his ankle, they prayed and he was absolutely shocked, all pain went, and they said ‘give your life to Jesus’, and he said yes and got his six friends to come over and give their lives as well!! COME ON JESUS!!! And we’ve had at least 5 more saved since then!!

The Lord is manifesting His name through His representatives on earth as He did through Jesus (John 17:6) as Baal Perazim, the Master of Breakthrough (1 Chronicles 14:11) and as Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals you (Exodus 15:26). And He’s ultimately manifesting as God is Love, people on the streets are just being blessed to find out that God loves them and wants to bless them!

One thought on “Healing testimonies

  1. Come on this is awesome. I know you posted it a while back but I love to hear the testimonies of God’s Kingdom totally rocking the foundations. Just thought I would express the excitement I have as well of what the Holy Spirit is doing!

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