Recently I had the privilege of helping lead worship at an evening of a Salvation Army youth conference down in East Sussex. Ignorant me, I had never really realised how alive and well the Salvation Army still were, and what a great job they were obviously doing with their youth. What an honour, they were … More Baptism

Purity and Power

There’s not much to this post. Just that the other day, in the context of a mission that we have going on at the moment, when I thought about Jesus in the Gospels, two things struck me without me even really thinking about it (in other words, the Lord spoke to me): purity, and power. … More Purity and Power

Pentecost Weekend

Pentecost weekend, what a winner! I had such a laugh this glorious weekend. First of all at 9.30am on Saturday morning I went on Premier Radio for half an hour with my good friend Sami Michael to play a couple of songs live and to have a couple played from my new EP “Give You … More Pentecost Weekend

Healing testimonies

VERY EXCITED about what the Lord has been doing! We’ve had a whole bunch of people from our church who have been to Lakeland in Florida where there is an incredible outpouring of the Spirit, and they’re seriously carrying something back! Chris Orange especially, our worship leader and my mentor, he walked into Tescos and … More Healing testimonies