Passionately Compassionate

The Lord was speaking to me the other morning in an unusual way. I don’t often find that He highlights things to me in this way, but on this occasion I just found myself really struck by the fact that the word ‘passion’ is hidden in the word ‘compassionate’. Dunno what there is to it etymologically, but am sure that compassion isn’t just about showing a little bit of gentle mercy now and then, it’s something that burns in the heart when truly alight, just as Jesus, when He saw the crowds, had compassion on them. Showing mercy and love is something we should do with passion, with fire. ‘Compassionate’ is part of God’s name, His nature.
I feel very love-less in light of Jesus and want to become a great deal more like Him. When compassion stirs (as we discover in Matt 9:36-10:1), first prayer is kindled, then the desire to be sent and see people sent to address the injustices. Further in Matt 14:14 we learn that it overcomes weight of weariness and sorrow (Jesus had been mourning the death of John the Baptist) and healing power is released. We have to allow compassion to move us to power, rather than let pity move us to despair. Jesus never once despaired at a situation.

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