Shawn Bolz on revelation vs discernment

Was listening to this and thought it worth sharing. NB “discernment” defined mainly as intuition about current information that is there in the spirit over people, contrasting to revelation which is finding out the heart of God over people.

“The church is full of people who like to discern a lot; the trouble is they discern as much negative if not more than positive and they don’t actually ask God for revelation. We have the mind and the heart of Christ. We have 1 Corinthians 2 where the Holy Spirit’s going up into heaven swirling around the heart of God, and coming and impregnating our heart with the thoughts and feelings about what God thinks about the situations we’re involved in.”

I haven’t listened to Shawn in a while but he really carries a fresh word particularly about love and about loving people, not based on who they are now, but seeing them as they are in eternity, seeing them as they finish the race holding the trophy. Jesus treated His disciples like that – He named them apostles before He’d even taught them anything about how to follow Him! Because He saw who they would become and treated them like that every day.

Shawn really imparts something of that way of loving people that belongs to the radically loving nature of Jesus, and is worth checking out. I want to capture something of what he has captured of the heart of God for people, as well as his love for Jesus and for the Spirit.

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