New Song Demo Up

Hi everyone. Recently I wrote a prophetic song called “Did I Not Say” (click on the name) which include a few promises from God all about His glory, His goodness, and His name, and what it is to know Him! Sounds like quite a lot but hopefully it condenses nicely in this song. I’ve used it a couple of times at our celebrations and people seem to have responded well to it, so I thought I’d put it up here for people to listen to and, hopefully to be blessed by. The verses include some promises of God, while the chorus comes straight from something God said to Moses in Exodus 33 – which I believe He would say to us as well. The bridge then completes that with a quote from Exodus 34, because in chapter 33 and the chorus of this song, God says He will announce His name before Moses – and then He does! And so that’s the bridge of my song. Lyrics below.

Did I not say that if you believe
You would see the glory of the Lord?

Did I not say, do you not know?
It’s Jesus in you, the hope of glory

I will make all of My goodness
Pass before you
Unveiling My glory
Revealing My name
All of My goodness
Will pass before you
Unveiling My glory
Revealing My name

Do you not know? You are My friends
And I will tell you all My Father says

Gracious, compassionate
Slow to anger
Rich in love
Abounding in mercy

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