New Music Video Released for ‘Nothing But The Blood of Jesus’

To anyone who suspects me of jumping on the bandwagon of ‘virtual choir videos’ (which I think might become the single greatest cultural endowment the pandemic season has given the world) – to them I say, too right. What else was I supposed to do with so much time on my hands? Ha. In fact, … More New Music Video Released for ‘Nothing But The Blood of Jesus’

Quick album update

As you may have picked up, I’ve been working on an album. Spring Rain has been through writing, arranging, recording, editing and, just last week, mixing – and I’ve reached the stage where I’m just putting the final touches on the mixes before sending it off to the mastering engineer. Also in the works is artwork … More Quick album update

Spring Rain

As I write, the skies are beginning to rumble. May is drawing to a close, and Summer is breaking upon us with thundery conditions expected over the next few days. But you didn’t come here for a weather report – unless you’re interested in more than just what the meteorologists have to say. In other … More Spring Rain

Theology and Poetry

Poetry has always been the means by which human beings have creatively expressed that which is outside ordinary everyday speech. ‘Poetry’ in this sense encompasses poetry as we know it, but also plays, songs, and even some forms of prose; anything which seeks to use metaphors and similes, symbolism and imagery, hyperbole, creative contrast, rhyme, … More Theology and Poetry