Purity and Power

There’s not much to this post. Just that the other day, in the context of a mission that we have going on at the moment, when I thought about Jesus in the Gospels, two things struck me without me even really thinking about it (in other words, the Lord spoke to me): purity, and power.

Jesus was a man who, incontrovertibly, walked in purity during His life. There is nothing that can be held against Him in accusation of wrong-doing. His death was indisputably injust.

But He was also a Man who walked in great power. Every afflicted person, by sickness, by demon, by anything else, He utterly delivered and set free. The measure of anointing to see the sick healed was almost unprecedented in His life.

But why are these two things in particular important? And why are they important together? For me, anyway, I have observed how often the church emphasises one of these, sometimes at the EXPENSE of the other. Either they harp on about power non-stop, only to fall into sin easier than they should have, or to be found already in sin. Or, often in reaction to such a scenario, they emphasise purity and say we don’t need to worry so much about whether we’re seeing the power or not, because none of that matters if you’re not pure.

I just think the Lord is a bit more balanced than that. Yes, it is very important that we maintain pure lives. But without power, we won’t see much of His kingdom come, because “The kingdom of God is not in word but in power.” (1 Cor 4:20) Jesus demonstrated both in His life with equal force. There is no need to worry that the pursuit of power will take our eyes off the need for purity, simply because of what a few other human beings of recent times have done. Look to Jesus – He is the ultimate example we should all be following. Power will see many brought into the kingdom as it will demonstrate His Lordship in a vivid way. Purity will help those who come into the kingdom to be discipled and grow into others who can go out and do the same: demonstrate His kingdom by the power of the Spirit, and then bring others into His pure life, purged of sin and cleansed by the blood of Jesus.


3 thoughts on “Purity and Power

    1. Sorry, some of my blogs are steeped in terms generally going around some charismatic circles (I am charismatic), it’s referring to seeing a lifestyle of the miraculous including healings etc which Jesus saw in His own life.

  1. Ben, cool site. I liked this post, because I agree that purity and power go together. It takes purity in the form of obedience to Christ to remain in the vine and thereby see Jesus and the Father, to thereby have one’s prayers answered in a big way. John 13-15.

    It takes power, however, to become pure in our heart, so we may be pure in our minds and actions. We need to walk in the Spirit, but we also need to proactively exchange the old self for the new. I blog about becoming like Jesus now. TW

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