James and Job

I recently tweeted that it was “a good Job I’m reading, (not a good robe I’m needing)”, which among the two people who read it caused perhaps only a little confusion and bemusement. It was probably too cryptic, what I’d meant by it was, I’m reading Job (rhyming with “robe”, ie., the Biblical character – hence the whole thing about needing a good robe was just a hint at rhyming, and wasn’t otherwise at all relevant). And Job is good – the book explicitly says that he was a righteous man and the Lord really thought so. He probably didn’t get it all right but he certainly seems to have got more right than his friends. (I was also playing on the common phrase “It’s a good job…” something-or-other.)

I’ve also read James through a few times recently, and I’m hoping to blog more sometime soon about some of the connecting themes, so I guess this is just a taster: I’ve been thinking about the connection I have discovered – in Scripture and recently in my own experience – between suffering and trial, and temptation. The latter being ordinarily something merely associated with the ‘carnal mind’ etc.

So, watch this space and hopefully more will come. What I might do is slot it into a longer series on the Lord’s prayer, coming of course in the section ‘lead us not into trial/temptation’ (even there either word is usable as a translation of the Greek).

This all of course assuming I’ll get my head down and get to it. So yeah, watch this space…

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