Salvation – the whole story

Just a quick note about an area that I’m hoping to delve into in great depth in the future – in what ways and with what time and resources I will be able to do said delving, I’m not entirely sure. But hopes remain!

I’ve been meditating more on the subject of salvation, as the Bible teaches it. I’m convinced that we still haven’t quite got the whole story down yet – not that we ever will have, in a sense, until we see Him again. Nor that we’ve somehow been inadequate in our preaching of the gospel particularly – though I am not afraid to challenge this a little bit.

Many readers (all two of you?) may know that while I find many of the tenets brought up out of the Reformation to be helpful and mostly truthful, I generally find that ‘Reformed’ believers these days tend to have taken some of those things to their extremes, perhaps to the exclusion of other important considerations. This area of ‘salvation’ and what it means of course connects to that, as the very notion of how one comes into the kingdom of God, gets born again, receives Jesus (mostly considered to be synonymous concepts, which is itself worth just reappraising, perhaps) was what was at stake during the days of Luther, Calvin and others.

Well, you may have all that to look forward to. My central aim, though, will not be just to decry Reformed thinking or shallow evangelistic preaching, though I mentioned that first. The thing I am most excited about is getting to grips with the whole picture of God’s plan and purpose for humanity and indeed for creation, as indeed passages such as Romans 8 and others hint at a redemption not just for humanity but for creation itself. It is this idea of exploring the complete notion of salvation/deliverance/etc. throughout the Bible, which motivates me. Hopefully I’ll have something more on it for you, soon.

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