Lyric writing: A window on a coffee shop

I’m reading Pat Pattison’s wonderful book, Writing Better Lyrics. One of the many, many great things about this book is its inclusion of useful exercises to do as you go along. I have devotedly set aside a notebook for the purpose; it lives with this book, getting pig-eared and dog-chewed as I read and re-read its golden leaves.

Anyway, I love that it’s making me write stuff like this:

A window on a coffe shop
An aromatic scene
Right then I knew I had to stop
And sample just a little drop
A nervous smile rose to the top
Lured in by froth and grind and pop
O sweet, o bitter bean!

What started out life as an innocent four-line structure about popping into a café, slowly morphed to become this monster. Apparently what it’s doing is not only honing my craft but also revealing some kind of coffee addiction in me.

Surely not.

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