We see the world through television sets

Is it true to say – I hope it’s not rude to say – by which I mean I hope it’s not too over-generalising to say – but is it true to say that the older generation today tends to see the world as it saw its television sets: black and white; I’m sure I’m right about this? And that the younger generations tend to see the world as it sees its computer and phone screens – multicoloured and full of detail; you have your opinions, I have mine; some people think this, others think that? By which I mean, you could say, that the older generations tend towards more conservative views, the younger towards more liberal ones? It would be very interesting if our mental perception of the world really was shaped by our visual perception of it in this way.

We live our lives in screens. I’ve recently written a song around this idea. Hope to share it soon. May be even more true than I realised when I wrote it.

I’m not saying that multicoloured is better either – black and white views on some things might be found to be necessary, even eventually inescapable; after all, the UK will either vote to remain in the EU, or it will vote to leave, but it can’t have the “oh well those who want to be in the EU can be and those who don’t want to don’t have to be.” It’s in or out.

We live our lives in screens.

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