A short update, and songwriting

It has been a while. But I’ll keep it short.

Things are shifting a bit for me. Soon, I hope to be making more time again for worship, songwriting, music in general. I have new songs. I have plans to record a new album. I’d like to launch, probably, a Kickstarter project to fund it. I hope to be running a bit more worship training too with Ichthus here in London.

I hope to be able to start telling you more about it soon. I’m very excited about some of the songs that I’ve been working on. I’ve been trying to stretch myself a bit. Keep broadening the themes I write on.

For the church, there’s a simple campfire-singalong-feelgood call for God’s rain. There’s a new one just brewed in the last couple of days about Jesus who is the Lion who is the Lamb (yes I know there’s a popular one about ‘the Lion and the Lamb’ at the moment – suffice to say I think I had something else to say – a different way to view the subject, even). There’s a song about the perichoresis of the triune God – though you’ll be glad to know the lyrics and title are a little more catchy than that. (Perichoresis – dancing. Dancing around.) And there’s a song in which I somehow managed to express some of the deep, awe-inspiring truths I’ve been reflecting on concerning the cross, over the last couple of years. There are a few others for the church too. Oh yes, there’s one called ‘Still Small Voice’ – an attempt to enter into Elijah’s experience.

But there are songs not for the church, also. That is to say, you wouldn’t want to try to sing them congregationally on a Sunday morning. I’ve sung one or two of them in secular contexts. I’m not sure what else to do with them. One of them, though, is a song I wrote for our daughter (our first and at present only child) when she was six months old exactly – I wrote it and named it after the very date. That one I might be able to release in some form, soon. There’s also a couple of somewhat dystopian odysseys including a song about our addiction to screens, and another more generalised one which is perhaps more dystopia-turns-utopia entitled ‘Cardboard Castles’. I want to do something with those too. And actually, a Bryan Adams/John Mayer-esque summer love song crafted almost entirely using the things I was learning from Pat Pattison’s wonderful book, Writing Better Lyrics.

So I’ve been busy, but things have been quiet. Hopefully they can start to get noisy again soon. Look out for news about Kickstarter, albums, and songs. Hopefully this isn’t all just wind.

I said I’d keep it short. But, it has been a while.

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