New song with lyric video!

I recently had fun recording a song which I originally wrote on the day our daughter turned 6 months old.

Today, she’s a rampaging 21-month old, but back then, on 21 July 2016, she turned 6 months old, and I wrote a song. I’d always wanted to write a song for her, but probably owed to the lack of sleep one gets over the first few months, I hadn’t had much chance to think about it. But on 21 July the first few words occurred to me naturally enough: ‘6 months today, and not a day has passed us by / We haven’t thought this was the best time of our lives . . . ‘ And so it goes on.

I recorded it recently because my wife Laura desperately wanted a recording of it as a gift for our anniversary, which was certainly a good enough excuse for me to have some fun with guitar, percussion, bass, keyboard and even some melodica. Oh and, some extra ‘ooh’ vocals (listen out for those). Why not, eh?

And, seeing as YouTube is all the rage, I thought I’d go all-out and film myself while recording – as much as possible anyway – and include a lyric video for the track online.


Update: if you enjoy this tune, please buy it on iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp or your store of choice (if you can find it there) – it helps me feed my family 🙂

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