New Song taster – ‘Rejoice My Soul’

I’m excited to be able to share another song video to showcase some of what’s coming on the album I’m currently working on.

This one’s called ‘Rejoice My Soul’ and is taken straight from Philippians 4. As I say in the video below, I love writing songs straight from Scripture as it makes for good practice and is unarguably solid ground for use in Christian worship – no one can question your theology if all you’ve done is rearranged words from Scripture in a singable format! Well, I may have gone a little beyond that – ‘let your life show that God is near’ might be a development on Paul’s words but, hopefully a helpful one.

There’s just four days left at time of publishing for people to pledge to the Kickstarter campaign to help support the album and make it happen. I’d love to get as many pre-orders in as possible so do take the opportunity to do so!

Here’s ‘Rejoice My Soul’. Oh, and, stay tuned to the end for a little taste of the track from the album itself!

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