Quick album update

As you may have picked up, I’ve been working on an album.

Spring Rain has been through writing, arranging, recording, editing and, just last week, mixing – and I’ve reached the stage where I’m just putting the final touches on the mixes before sending it off to the mastering engineer.

Also in the works is artwork from the fantastic Dan Lovell who did the last two EPs and is now producing a full 8-page booklet for this album. I feel like I need to make that available as a PDF for all those of you who will just get your music directly by download. We definitely lack something with the demise of physical CDs.

I wish I could offer more tasters and things but it’s all I can do to keep my head above water with all the various work things I’ve got going on; this is very much a ‘side hustle’ for me at the moment and as a result isn’t perhaps getting the exposure it might deserve – all I can ask is if, when it’s released and you hear it, you like it, please share it with your friends. It’ll help a bunch. I’ll do all I can to push it along the way. Oh, but I did manage to share one little snippet on Instagram last week which people enjoyed.

Keep listening out for the rain. It should hopefully arrive well before spring.

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