Spring Rain: Hard copies and downloads now available from Bandcamp.com

While we try to deal with a few punctuation-related technical issues for online distribution of Spring Rain, the album is now available to stream, download or order as a hard copy from Bandcamp!

I’m really pleased with the album and have been getting some great feedback from the Kickstarter supporters who have received their pre-release copies. You can check it out right now by sampling the tracks at Bandcamp or with the player on this page.

If you like to be in control of your downloaded music and how you manage it, buying from Bandcamp could be the best option for you. You can select the file format you prefer, and you get a PDF of the CD liner notes along with it.

And if CDs are still your thing – which for many people with cars just a few years old, CDs make a lot of sense for something to listen to on those long journeys – Bandcamp presents an easy way for you to order and an easy way for me to fulfil it!

Stay tuned for news of other online releases (iTunes, Spotify etc.) which, once some en-dashes have been turned into parentheses, should be soon!

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