A song for Good Friday – new lyric video

Taken from the new album Spring Rain, this song explores the meaning of the cross – in all its horror, and its beauty.

There were several things I deeply wanted to capture when writing this song. One was a sense of the ‘crucified God’ – the fact that we worship a God who gave his life for us. Another was the way the cross reflected darkly on humanity; it epitomises the way in which we deface the image of God in humanity when we reject God.

But I also wanted to reflect on the profound truth that despite all this, even through all this, the cross becomes the very means by which humanity is redeemed.

I have done so imperfectly, perhaps, but at the least, I have tried to do so to the best of my ability.

Please think about sharing this song this Good Friday – even with those who don’t know the meaning of the cross.

Spring Rain also contains (it has to be added) another song about the cross – a gospel arrangement of ‘Nothing But The Blood of Jesus’. Take a listen using the links below!

iTunes/Apple Music | Amazon MP3 | Spotify | Bandcamp (hard copies or download with PDF of CD booklet)
Available in other online stores

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