New Music Video Released for ‘Nothing But The Blood of Jesus’

To anyone who suspects me of jumping on the bandwagon of ‘virtual choir videos’ (which I think might become the single greatest cultural endowment the pandemic season has given the world) – to them I say, too right. What else was I supposed to do with so much time on my hands?

Ha. In fact, sheer determination was required to grab the phone while the kids were sleeping and shoot myself playing or singing along to ‘Nothing But The Blood of Jesus’ from 2019’s Spring Rain. But determined I was. Thankfully, the four wonderful singers who lent their voices to the original recording (Amy Jane, Libby, Louise and Becky) were only too glad to jump on board with me and film themselves too. My brother-in-law-in-law Sean (he’s married to my wife’s sister) edited the video with a flourish, and here we are.

I love this hymn, and its simple melody and chord structure made it wide-open for arranging gospel-style. My hope is that the musical lick of paint doesn’t mask the simple truths that have helped generations to worship; rather, I hope it opens it up a bit for the next generation.

Over on the page for this song you can find store links and sheet music – including a full choir arrangement! I’ve added some form of lead sheet and sheet music for most of my songs, which you can browse over on the Songs page.

Please do like and share this video – maybe we’ll make it into the pantheon of viral video virtual choirs! Or maybe someone will hear these words that has never heard them before.

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