Wiggly Words

I found some words at the bottom of the garden – Slimy, squirmy and more – I took those words, hastily squiggled, And shoved them in a jar. I tried to catch some fish with them – Slippery, silvery and wet – But those tired adjectives didn’t make good bait, Left me angling in regret. … More Wiggly Words

Nothing (A poem)

Isn’t it quite something That something came from nothing? That nothing could do something To make it all appear! But let me tell you something: Nothing can do nothing! We all have come from something – Ain’t that a quaint idea? So lay the heavy burden Of proof upon the person Who in some strange … More Nothing (A poem)

10-minute Object Writing Exercise for 25 April

I mentioned recently that I’m reading Pat Pattison’s book Writing Better Lyrics. One of the exercises he recommends doing is a 10-minute exercise known as ‘object writing’. You take an object, and ‘dive in’ to its ‘sense-world’ – what are the sights, sounds, smells, feels, physical responses, etc., that are associated with that thing, in particular, … More 10-minute Object Writing Exercise for 25 April

Theology and Poetry

Poetry has always been the means by which human beings have creatively expressed that which is outside ordinary everyday speech. ‘Poetry’ in this sense encompasses poetry as we know it, but also plays, songs, and even some forms of prose; anything which seeks to use metaphors and similes, symbolism and imagery, hyperbole, creative contrast, rhyme, … More Theology and Poetry