Who Am I? (My take on Psalm 8)

I’m looking forward to launching (the hard copies of) my new EP ‘Where I Am Free’ this evening. As part of the time I’m hoping to read a couple of pieces of psalm-writing (or rather rewriting) that I’ve done lately. One is based on Psalm 139 which I posted recently. The other is based on Psalm 8.

Who Am I? (Psalm 8)

A thousand pin-pricks of light
Ten thousand light years away.
A million light years across
One galaxy – one in a billion.
Ten billion! Swirling, cartwheeling,
Cascading through space and time.
Nebulae, billowing,
Black holes, gaping,
Planets, free-wheeling.
Stars are born, and die.
And who am I?

The heavens, the work of your fingers;
Your hands hold the vast milky way.
Big Dipper you sketched on your canvas;
You doodled Great Bear and Orion!
And who am I?

Who am I, that I caught your attention,
And you came and sat down next to me?
That you turned your head and you listened
To the prayer as it fell from my lips?
The heights of the heavens can’t hold you –
So I fear that my room may be a bit small.
Yet you smile – mountains melt –
You laugh – oceans roar! –
And you want to spend time with me.

And who are we, that you have called us
The height of all you’ve made?
Kings and Queens of your creation
To rule over earth and sea.
The smallest ones among us –
Your sword is in their mouths!
With praise, they thrust;
With worship, they swing,
They sing, and your foes are dust!
Who are we?

Who are you? Whose throne is the universe
Yet whose footprints I can see;
Who exchanged his garland of starlight
For a crown of thorns, for me?
Who are you, but the King of Creation?
Lord of heaven and earth and sea!

Your victory ride out of darkness
Shot a bright, burning trail across the sky!
Blazing on through the heavens
Lighting fires of your passion,
Hearts that burst into flame in the night,
A thousand pin-pricks of light.
Till the whole world is filled with your light.

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