Fully Known (my take on Psalm 139)

Fully known.
Perfectly loved.
Incomprehensibly understood.
Every step – counted.
Every word – breathlessly anticipated.
Every thought – an open book.
Fully known.

Nowhere to hide.
Incense rises from my soul,
Weight glory swallows me whole,
And earth and heaven sweetly mingle.
Why me, Lord?
Nowhere to hide.
I could flee!
Take off, feet pounding
Off to the blood-stained horizon –
Run to the farthest reaches –
Spread my wings and fly
To soaring peaks,
Scattering clouds,
‘Til the dawn bursts the sky once more;
Then fold my wings
And plummet down,
Down, smash the churning waves
And plunge still deeper
To the blackest depths,
To worlds below,
And find – you are there.
You were there.
Moulding my bones.
Sculpting my heart.
Weaving my mind.
Before ever I drew breath
Your tender eyes gazed
On your handiwork.
I am art.
I gasp, draw breath once more.
Fully known
By love’s eternal mind
Spilling over with thoughts
Outnumbering stars
Bright, unchanging,
Dancing, swirling,
Love over me.
Nowhere to hide – but here.

Now fully known
‘Til my last breath,
And then to worlds beyond;
Perfectly loved –
O search me out,
And know my anxious thoughts!
‘Til on that day
By grace I walk
The everlasting way;
And in my heart
To fully know,
As I am fully known.

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