I’m still here

I’m still here, and crazy busy! Feel like I haven’t written anything for the blog in ages but don’t worry, that will change very soon. I’ve got lots brewing, including a 10-12,000 word project on Old Testament treatment of money and how that translates today (okay maybe that’s too much to put on a blog!!) but also plenty of other thoughts on church stewardship as the West heads into economic turmoil, and also I have a mind to continue my thoughts on Worship (‘Worship 3: I’m coming back to the heart’ has been the most popular read here!) with a word on high-quality worship, musical or otherwise. And for any friends interested my personal development has been more accelerated than ever as I’m doing this leadership course with church, I can’t seem to catch up with myself! Quick faith story, I felt I should give up teaching guitar so I could actually have a day off in the week (I need it!) but this involved a bit faith step as I was counting on the teaching for the rest of my fees. Well, I did it, I gave up, and then discovered in a timely fashion that the tax man owes me lots of money! And again, just yesterday a family gave me an incredible cheque which I’m not sure how to begin to thank them for. It’s all very timely and I’m so grateful to the Lord for leading me in the way of faith. It has taken some dying to self, but He is so faithful to show up on the back of that!

Anyway, bless God. Blog soon.

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