My little response to Lakeland

How far this will go and of what profound effect in the world of cyberspace I do not know, only if someone reads it, perhaps they’d just like to give it some consideration!

I wanted to write concerning the so-called Lakeland Outpouring regarding some Christians’ attitude which unfortunately has been allowed to go unchecked in many places; in other places there have already been responses so I’m not writing anything new, just adding my voice.

I want to be careful in saying this, so don’t mishear me: There are some who would say they “did not agree with”, “decided against”, or “didn’t approve of” what apparently happened with the Lakeland Outpouring. Let me ask you this: when was church ever meant to be approved or disapproved of? When did one church in the book of Acts ever stand up and reject another portion of the church without suffering some serious rebuke and/or correction from the apostles? (I’m thinking of the whole Gentilic-addition problem they had.) And yet today we think that just because some expression of church conflicts with our own idea of what it should be that we are quite entitled to go about rejecting and disapproving left right and centre. This is not the duty of the church, brothers and sisters!

Now of course the same people clap and applaud themselves now that Todd Bentley who headed up much of the revival, has taken a serious fall. Unknowingly they have championed themselves into a subtle kind of pride that they were right and others were wrong, while people like the God Channel stand up to endless criticism and in a recently released statement (I have the email) humbly stand their ground that Lakeland was a true move of God which continues to push out into the earth.

Again the critics champion themselves without perhaps considering that life and death was in the power of their tongues as long as they slandered (to whatever degree) Todd Bentley, and that the arrangement of the apostolic commissioning that Todd received in order to raise a covering over him, on God’s calendar could not have been more timely.

The responses from the likes of Patricia King (who has been doing a video series on ‘When Leaders Fall’) and Bill Johnson (videos below) are straight and to the point for those who will hear them, and cover whatever else I would say. Lastly, to those who release slander week by week against who they call ‘false prophets’ etc., I ask you to hold your tongue and be wise, as life and death are in the power thereof, and don’t get in the way of my prayers: I’m praying for Todd Bentley, that his marriage would be restored.

5 thoughts on “My little response to Lakeland

  1. Good job Ben Trigg. You sound like me. Here in America there is alot and I mean alot of Religious minds. Its in ALL denominations. People cannot understand it when God moves. It just blows their minds. Im too am praying for the Bentleys. Remember who crucified Jesus? The Pharisees did. Whats funny is God is not done, there is another wave coming. That will really get their feathers ruffled!!! A little humor. God Bless You Brother, Bryan Haynes

  2. Amen, Ben. Well, said. I am glad that you have the eyes to perceive that the Outpouring is of God. I also watched Patricia King’s videos concerning the situation, as well as Bill Johnson’s. Bill has so much grace, and Patricia is firm, yet loving. In any case, count me in as one who prays for the well-being and restoration of Todd Bentley and his family.

  3. agreed,it is of God,as surly as the raising of the false prophet is of God, for it is written in God’s word,Amen to all your prayers for todd and co.However, if I belonged to those who followed another prophet,watching the videos of lakeland, I would be praying too..that God would fulfill the Prophet’s words and send Isa bin Maryam back to rescue us from the antichrist and to rebuke his church for their heresies,imagine the followers of the Prophet,crying out “come, Lord Jesus ,come”..while the disciples of Christ are too busy blessing themselves.edkwan,a footstool of Jesus Christ

  4. Thank you Brother Ben. I am happy to have you as my brother in the Kingdom of God. I am also happy to have Todd Bentley as my brother and miss his and pray for him often. If one of us hurts, we all hurt…. those in the real family that is….

    God bless all the brothers and sisters (((holy hugs)))
    and may the rest of you know US by OUR LOVE

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