About this blog, and things to come

I was going to put a simple note about some changes that might be coming to the way I run this blog/my webstuff generally, but of course my mind backtracked and I realised it might be good to just give some history as to why I started a blog in the first place and why I feel the purpose of it is shifting a little bit.

So I started this blog actually as a more swish version of an old website I had (www.godislove.org.uk, now defunct – it got hacked!) with the pretty much sole aim of sharing thoughts from the word of God mainly to do with revelation that I wanted to share.

Over time though, of course, life adjusts and takes on new patterns and directions, and gradually I have seen the horizons broaden before me so that I feel the need to reassess how I use webspace. I feel slightly differently, now, about how it is appropriate to share revelation and insight into the word of God. My fundamental position hasn’t changed – I still seek to hear from God and understand truth through His word by the Holy Spirit, and I do want to share that where appropriate, but as I’ve begun to step into a kind of ministry (and I don’t want to lay more meaning on that word than it presently has) I have felt that the people with whom I interact on a personal face-to-face basis, be they a ‘congregation’ or whatever else, are to be the focus of any kind of ‘directive’ thoughts I may have from my meditation on the Bible and so on – words that require an accountable structure. At one time in life I thought it was okay in prophetic ministry to just send out any prophetic word to any bunch of people, even anybody who might ever read a blog, and expect them to listen to it. I don’t think this any more. Accountable structures are required and so words like that are for the group of people with whom we have real fellowship.

That’s not the only kind of thing I have written on here of course, and from time to time I might post something more concerning informative, factually-based interest-pieces; for example my studies in New Testament Greek might cause me to blog about manuscript discoveries, or address commonly-raised issues about Greek texts. Such material I find has a wide interest in the church at large and so it would be appropriate for me to post anything like this. This, of course dependant on me actually getting around to such study!

I do have a passion for theology which could be seen as a potentially more subjective topic than what I have just mentioned; as such it is common for me to want to post on some issue or other; say, views on hell, or eschatology, or soteriology, in particular questioning (but I hope with much grace as possible) widely-accepted Reformed positions where I feel they do not quite think clearly enough through the issues or the Scriptures, because of the long-held nature of Reformed theology in many parts of the church. This area is perhaps the most foggy for me when it comes to knowing how and what to post. Perhaps it doesn’t always come across, but I never want to create schism or be argumentative just for the sake of it. I’m passionate for truth and it is this passion that drives me to want to write these things, but I need to find the balance of tension between that, and my passion for people, and the unity of faith that we should all be seeking to work towards. I feel that some peoples’ “passion for truth” perhaps causes them to ride roughshod over brothers and sisters who simply have genuine questions that it is worth asking, and I don’t want to make the same mistake. While I seek to learn this balance, I will think very carefully on each occasion before posting on some theological issue or other.

But the thing that I really wanted to get to was that my life has a somewhat different shape now from what I had expected when I first set up this blog, and the things that God has led me into are not the things I expected, but I am full of joy in them! For a while already I have had a Producer page here on the website, and while that has been a token move in addition to my official music-business site, surprisingly that and other aspects of my self-employed music role have been taking off somewhat more than expected – and all through prayer! I guess I always ran that site just because music is something I can do, but after I graduated from York University in 2007 I wasn’t sure how much it was going to become a ‘main’ thing for me – wasn’t sure, even, if it was what God wanted. I think I had a narrow view of what pleases God which has taken years to break down, but slowly, surely I have realised that ‘doing’ music for a living (alongside my present part-time church role) really is a good thing and is something that gives Him pleasure because it has to do with how He made me – and consequently I feel some of the greatest pleasure when I am musicking!

And so in conclusion as I accept this becoming more a part of my life at this time, I might be reshaping the webspace a little bit in some way, or at least adding emphasis to that side of my role, which may mean that this blog gets stripped back a little bit simply as a page for a worship-leader from London who writes the occasional zany blog, and posts more music-related stuff on his aforementioned music website, or I may expand and shift here on this wordpress blog so that it becomes more of a hub for factual, interest things, whether to do with Biblical archaeology, or tips for music producers, or news of my latest gig, or a study on a particular Greek word! Probably you can all see what the best solution is, and I do want something simple and effective that works, but while my life has this dual-focus at the moment, I guess I’ll have to figure out how that best pans out on the web.

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