Worship and future plans

By way of a quick personal update:

I’m sat in bed, at war with a vicious cold, which is currently laying siege to my nose and back of my throat. Such things should not be tolerated. Die, evil cold!

In general, I believe God has given me the encouragement to really get around to finishing the recordings of a set of songs that I have, which are all almost-there, but need a few steps to get them really together! But hopefully I shall soon be announcing a new album, just to get a few more of my songs out there, hopefully to bless people – I’ve had a number of encouragements about a few of them in particular, which is always nice!

I’m also really excited about where we’re going with worship in Ichthus. We’re in a new season and there are many conversations and interactions taking place to build in some new and exciting things for the future! Some of it is still in the very early stages at the moment, so I can’t reveal too much, but there will be some things that have never been done before! It’s going to be very exciting!

So, watch this space. Worship God. He’s really good!

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