Free downloadable song for Christmas!

Hi folks.

Seeing as it’s that time of year, how about a present? I’ve just uploaded a new song to Soundcloud called “You Are With Me” and I’m making it completely free to download!

Click here to go and listen/download it!

It’s a song I wrote fairly recently out of Psalm 23. I partially did it as an exercise; it seems that very many Christian songwriters have had a go at it. See what you think and let me know; I’m sure I haven’t done better than Keith Green, JJ Heller, Stuart Townend or any others, but I’ve given it a shot! I at least felt I could take a particular angle on it, which is to see the Psalm as relating a sort of journey – which is of course what the sheep do with the Shepherd. So sometimes we’re led to quiet waters; sometimes we find ourselves in the valley of the shadow of death, but we keep going. And as we keep going, His goodness and mercy are always there to back us up, and eventually we’ll find ourselves in His house to dwell always! Lots of revelation in that Psalm…

Here are the lyrics.

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