New EP “Invitation” now released!

I am pleased to announce that after a few months of thought, consultation, song-finishing, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering and printing…the Invitation is here at last!BT_invitation_CD_cardwallet_FRONT

The EP takes its title from Track 3 “Invitation Song” which I wrote mainly out of Revelation 21 where we hear right at the end of Scripture an invitation into something more. It’s an invitation that applies right now, too: to those who are thirsty, weary, hungry, hurting; to every nation and tribe and tongue, inviting them to “come, that the Lamb might receive the abundant reward of His suffering”! Hopefully as you listen you too will feel invited into the presence of God. The recording of this song features Uilleann pipes, played by the fantastic Martin Nolan – not to mention some lovely string playing by my good friends Louise Gibbens and Amy Jane Hosken!

Also featured on the EP is “Holy Overshadowing”, a song that I co-wrote with Graham Kendrick and which has become extremely popular over the last few months since we first introduced it.

You can find a complete track listing on the Music page here. I will also add a full credit list as there are so many people to thank in helping to shape and create this record!

I will be posting more little featurettes on the blog here over the coming weeks about some of the songs – the stories behind them, how they came about, comments on the musical features and more.

It is available on iTunes right now, or if you go to the Music page you can use the PayPal button to order a hard copy there!

5 thoughts on “New EP “Invitation” now released!

  1. “Holy Overshadowing” is in serious danger of becoming a classic, Ben. I’d love to know who wrote which bit!

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