New EP now available!

Finally, after tantalising readers for months with my promise of a new EP, it’s here! ‘Where I Am Free’ gathers 5 new songs for congregational and personal use in worship and general enjoyment of life. You can find out more via the Music page, and follow links there to download the EP or to order … More New EP now available!

New Xmas song now available on iTunes and YouTube!

Since Dan Lank and I announced that we’ve written a new song for Christmas, we’ve had hundreds of listens through our Bandcamp page, with lots of great feedback from friends, family and strangers! I’m pleased to say that the song is now also available to buy on iTunes for the princely sum of £0.79 (English … More New Xmas song now available on iTunes and YouTube!

Invitation Taster

Hi folks Following the news that Invitation is available on iTunes, it is now also possible to stream it via the online music service Spotify! If you’re not sure what it’s all about though or just want a taster for now, look no further! Check out the Soundcloud sample player below – right now!