An update on my new EP

By way of a very brief update, it’s not long now until I will be able to send off my new EP to the press, and upload it to Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Spotify. I’m just waiting on the artwork, which is in progress.

The working title is Where I Am Free, and will include 5 tracks: “Day Of Salvation” (which was introduced at our Summer camp, Ichthus Revive, and has been used in various churches since); “Living Word”, a song about having a love for God’s Word; “Follow You”, a folksy prayer for every follower of Jesus to pray through each day; “My Jesus I Love Thee”, a reworking of William R. Featherstone’s beautifully hymn; and “Face To Face”, a song about being led up to God’s mountain as Moses was, to be ‘face to face’ with God.

By way of teaser, I posted a couple of Vine videos during the mixing process, particularly highlighting some juicy vocals on “My Jesus I Love Thee”! You can check those out by visiting my Vine profile.

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